FUll Membership

$165.00 NSW, QLD, VIC, SA/WA
$137.50 TAS

Associate Member

$82.50 NSW, QLD, VIC, SA/WA
$68.75 TAS

Junior Member

(up to 18 years of age)
$13.75 NSW, QLD, VIC, SA/WA
$5.50 TAS

Journal Fee

Included in membership fees
Please note that our journal service will now be provided by The Australian Dairyfarmer due to the Dairy News Australia All Breeds Dairy Journal (formerly CrazyCow) being discontinued

*Please note all prices are inclusive of GST and are effective as of 1st July 2020

Golden Blossom Guernseys, QLD
Golden Blossom Guernseys, QLD

Please contact the Federal Secretary – Joyce Cleggett with any membership enquiries 

Phone 08 8739 4368 or Email