Bull Proving Committee

Coordinator - Sean Tomkins

The Bull Proving Committee is comprised of 5 members of the Guernsey Cattle Society of Australia Inc with one member elected as the committee co-ordinator. The objectives of the committee are to select young bulls to be used in the AI industry, identify cows with potential to be bull mothers and to promote the use of young sires. 

The committee is currently working with Agri-Gene to supply young Australian bulls to Australia and also the overseas Guernsey population where possible. Bulls that have gone through this program include Marglyn Action Mervyn, Sunny Valley Levi Bradman, Gilbert Trademark, Riverton Galaxy, Brookleigh Geo Bruce and Gilbert Bellman. The current young sire available is Triple J Latimar Hulk.

If you have any suggestions for the committee or animals that may be suitable to either enter the young sire program or be used as bull mothers then please contact Sean Tomkins on 0458 049 805 or email alembry75@gmail.com

Springhill Herald JACK DANIELS -P

Hartsdale Topgun CALVARY

Warwick Manor Fireman SPARTACUS

Golden I LOCKLEY – P


Sunny Valley YBear CROSBY

Lang Haven Alstar NAVARRO


genetics australia

Idle Gold D HELIOS



Ripley Farms Jag NEWTON

Bla Arl Novak POPEYE

Springhill JAMES DEAN*

Coulee Crest TOBY KEITH*

Beechgroves EXCALIBUR*

Briddlesford Harebells VICTOR*

*Available sexed

Up The Creek London AUDREY*

Coulee Crest Novak LAMBEAU

Pine-Tree Levi BEAVER

Coulee Crest Richard CHECKMATE*

Walnut Ridge Novak CROWN ROYAL

Hi Guern View Charming DESIGN*

Hi Guern View Divas JC Penney DJ*

Meadow Glow L KANDYMAN

Springhill JUNGLE*

Dairyman Craig JRUE*

*Available sexed


Coulee Crest CARVER*

Valley Gem MISSILE*

Coulee Crest TSUNAMI*

Springhill JAVA – P

Eby Manor INDIGO

Golden Gate Prada KAKADU

Idle Gold J King CASPIAN

Indian Acres PHOENIX

Springhill JAMES DEAN*

Coulee Crest TOBY KEITH*

Beechgroves EXCALIBUR*

Briddlesford Harebells VICTOR*

*Available sexed


Hi Guern View Levi DRONE

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