About Us

The Guernsey Cow

The Guernsey cow originated in the Isle of Guernsey, a small island in the English Channel, just off the coast of France. It is believed that more than a thousand years ago the monks selected the finest French cattle and bred them to create the high quality cow now known as ‘the Guernsey’. They were first imported into Australia in 1898 thanks to Mr MA O’Callaghan, a dairy expert in the NSW Department of Agriculture.

The ‘Golden Guernseys’ as they are affectionately known, get their name from the uniquely high quality golden milk they produce. High in A2 protein, betacarotene and butterfat along with the delicious taste make it the ‘World’s Finest Milk’.

The Society

Federal President – Laurie Dunne

Senior Vice President – Julie Moore

Junior Vice President – Sean Tomkins

Treasurer – Ollie Abblitt

Federal Secretary – Joyce Cleggett

Promotions Officer – Cassandra Custance

Type & Genetic Progress Committee – Ollie Abblitt

Bull Proving Committee – Josh Smith

Youth Development Committee – Frances Hayden


State Branches

  • New South Wales
  • Queensland
  • South Australia/Western Australia
  • Tasmania
  • Victoria

International members

  • Thailand 
  • UK
  • UAE