About Us

The Guernsey Cattle Society of Australia Inc. is an incorporated organisation dedicated to the betterment of the Guernsey cow and servings its members who breed, register, herd record and classify Guernsey cattle. Initially formed in 1911, the society has since expanded to include state branches, some of which feature sub branches and clubs operating at a local level. The society is governed at a federal level with annual meetings held on rotation through the member states. We are also a member of the World Guernsey Cattle Federation and have hosted the World Guernsey Conference and tours in 1986 and 2007.

The Guernsey Cattle Society of Australia Inc offers a range of services including registration of females and males, links to HFAA for the provision of classification services and have dedicated committees for type and genetic progress, bull proving and youth development. We also have a strong focus on promotion of the breed and have a number of awards available to members along with an annual photographic competition.  More information on the services we provide is available under the services tab. 

Federal Office Bearers

Federal President - Laurie Dunne

Fernybank Guernseys, Queensland
Phone: 0407 442 198
Email: fernybank.dunne@gmail.com

Senior Vice President - Julie Moore

Meadow Vale Guernseys, New South Wales
Phone: 0427 573 264
Email: julienmick@bigpond.com

Junior Vice President - Josh Smith

Joshlee Guernseys/Triple J Genetics, Tasmania
Phone: 0447 124 447
Email: joshsmith05@hotmail.com

Federal Secretary/Treasurer - Joyce Cleggett

Brookleigh Guernseys, South Australia
Phone: 08 8739 4368
Email: guernseyaus@activ8.net.au

Maleny Dairies, QLD

Type & Genetic Progress Committee - Ollie Abblitt

Phone: 0427 432 776
Email: ollie.abblitt@gmail.com

Bull Proving Committee - Sean Tomkins

Phone: 0458 049 805
Email: alembry75@gmail.com

Promotions Officer - Cassandra Custance

Phone: 0418 374 411
Email: midge3@hotmail.com

Youth Development Committee - Frances HAyden

Phone: 0428 553 836
Email: frankie1808@gmail.com

State Branch Secretaries

New South Wales - Julie Moore

Phone: 0427 573 264
Email: julienmick@bigpond.com

Queensland - Shirley Huth

Phone: 0407 486 106
Email: srhuth@hotmail.com

SA/WA - Joyce Cleggett

Phone: 08 8739 4368
Email: guernseyaus@activ8.net.au

Tasmania - Val Gardam

Phone: 0456 157 341
Email: valeriegardam@gmail.com

Victoria - Edward Troutbeck

Phone: 03 9333 1588
Email: edwardtroutbeck@y7mail.com

Rockmar Guernseys, VIC
Rockmar Guernseys, VIC