Guernseys – producing The ‘World’s Finest Milk’

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Judge: Mr Graeme Hopf

Junior Champion – Brookleigh Brogdon Jamboree – Amy Hayter

Intermediate Champion – Brookleigh Jocette – LF & JM Cleggett

Senior Champion – Brookleigh Legend Invisible – Stuart Moore

Judge: Laurie Dunne

Junior Champion – Shadow Valley Lambeau Bootsy – J & J O’Donohoe

Intermediate Champion – Shadow Valley GD Oomoomoo – J & J O’Donohoe

Senior Champion – Shadow Valley TS Joondoomba – J & J O’Donohoe

Why Guernsey is the best choice

Check out the latest Australian Dairyfarmer Magazine to learn why five of our Guernsey members believe Guernseys are the best choice. Featuring

  • Laurie Dunne, QLD – GCSA Federal President
  • Julie Moore, NSW – GCSA Senior Vice President Federal Body
  • Josh Smith, Tas – GCSA Junior Vice President Federal Body
  • Cassandra Custance, Vic – GCSA Promotional Officer
  • Joyce Cleggett, SA – GCSA Federal Secretary/Treasurer


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Ekka Royal Queensland Show

7th – 15th August 2021

Entries Close 21st July 2021

Royal Adelaide SHow

4th – 12th September 2021

Entries Close 2nd July 2021

Royal Melbourne Show

21st – 25th September 2021

Entries Close 16th August 2021