Guernseys – producing The ‘World’s Finest Milk’

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Discover the history and advantages of using Guernseys including increasing milk components, calving ease, successful crossbreeding and feed efficiency.

Laurie Dunne (QLD), Julie Moore (NSW), Josh Smith (TAS), Cassandra Custance (VIC) and Joyce Cleggett (SA) reveal why Guernseys are the best choice

Find out how Colin Gilbert (WA) and Maleny Dairies (QLD) are utilising Guernsey milk to make premium products 

Show Results

Judge: Mr Graeme Hopf

Junior Champion – Brookleigh Brogdon Jamboree – Amy Hayter

Intermediate Champion – Brookleigh Jocette – LF & JM Cleggett

Senior Champion – Brookleigh Legend Invisible – Stuart Moore

Judge: Laurie Dunne

Junior Champion – Shadow Valley Lambeau Bootsy – J & J O’Donohoe

Intermediate Champion – Shadow Valley GD Oomoomoo – J & J O’Donohoe

Senior Champion – Shadow Valley TS Joondoomba – J & J O’Donohoe

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